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At Superior Dent Solutions, we are the superior choice for auto hail dent repair and paintless dent repair services. We guarantee a fast turnaround with lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind. Too busy to wait for your car? No problem! We provide free loaner cars if there is no rental coverage on your insurance policy.

We service the Greater Denver, Colorado Metro Area, Colorado Springs, and the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex.

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Hail Damaged Car

Paintless Dent Repair from Superior Dent Solutions

Superior Dent Solutions’ car dent repair procedure is a thorough series of steps that restore your car exterior to near-perfect condition. Our paintless car hail repair and dent technicians collaborate with you and your insurer to ensure your automobile gets the fix it needs at a fair and reasonable price. We make sure you’re aware of our progress at every step to guarantee an environmentally friendly, full repair service.

Dent removal is often considered an unneeded repair process. A car owner may balk at estimates of how much it will cost or think it’s not worth the time of being without a vehicle.

But getting your dents repaired is not just a cosmetic procedure—it’s a necessary step to ensure the reliability and value of your vehicle. Dent damage can extend far beyond the area of the first impact, in ways that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Untreated dents can spread and cause your paint to decay. That leads to more lost money—not just in future repairs, but to the resale value of your car as well.

Superior Dent Solutions takes those worries off your back. Our affordable and complete service comes with free damage evaluation and repair estimates. We offer help in reporting the damage to your insurance company, scheduling inspections by your adjuster, and offering you a free loaner car if your policy doesn’t cover rentals. For auto hail dent repair, we even offer to waive up to $500 from your deductible if you’re facing financial hardship.

Every repair from Superior Dent Solutions is covered under our limited lifetime warranty. Our paintless process is also eco-friendly, as it avoids the use of toxic chemicals and contaminants in favor of specialized techniques and tools.

5 Dent Repair Facts to Know:

Using PDR

By using paintless dent repair you save the environment from all sorts of non-eco friendly chemicals and process associated with painting. PDR uses no chemicals and is very good for the environment.

Customer Satisfaction

We guarantee all of our work to meet with your satisfaction. We always give you an accurate quote prior to any work!

Efficient Repairs

You can have the repairs done WITHOUT removing the superior factory paint using paintless dent removal. This saves resale value, and will retain the original look of your vehicle!

Insurance Partner

Your insurance co WILL underestimate the cost to repair your car – Call us for a free damage evaluation before deciding what to do about your hail damage.

Resale Value

You won’t have anything show up on a CARFAX or Vehicle Report – which also increases your vehicles resale value!

The Superior Paintless Dent Repair Process

File a Claim. Let your insurance company know about your car dent removal. Give them specific details if the damage happened because of an accident or incident.

If you’re bringing in your vehicle for auto hail dent repair, you’ll want to tell your insurer the specific date of and time the storm and where your car was located. Our staff can help you with the specific details of your claim, including a description of the damage and the anticipated scope of work.

Superior Dent Solutions offers deductible assistance for customers having trouble paying their portion of the cost. We’ll waive deductible amounts up to $500.

Meet with Adjuster. Have your adjuster examine your vehicle to assess its current condition and see the damage. Superior can help you set up this initial meeting. We can arrange it at your home if it’s most convenient, but a meeting at the Superior Dent Repair will reduce your estimated repair time by two to four days.

Schedule a Visit. Call Superior Dent Solutions at (303) 710-8634 or use our online form to book an appointment. We can pick you up and drop you off if your schedule is especially busy. Superior makes a close inspection of your car body to arrive at a reasonable repair price. We go over each projected step in your repair process and outline the cost of each and negotiate with you and your adjuster for a final price.

Repair Commences. Once Superior has the go-ahead to start on your car dent repair, we get to work. If your insurance policy doesn’t cover rental cars, Superior can issue you a longer vehicle for as long as the process is expected to take. Then our repair technicians get to work. A typical Superior Dent Repair job takes a week or less to complete and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Take the vehicle apart. We dismantle your car’s body to make sure the areas that need work are easily approachable by our technicians.

Examine surface dents. Superior’s repair staff looks at every dent in the car’s exterior, large or small. We determine what specific processes each dent requires.

Apply repairs. Paintless dent removal is a deliberate and careful process that’s almost an art. Superior technicians employ techniques of pushing and massaging the dent back into place, applying slow and even pressure to ensure every area is restored. We use specially designed rods, body picks, braces, and dent lifters to shift the exterior dents back into place.

Quality control. We review all the work we’ve done to make sure it meets Superior’s high standards, making sure all the requested repair has been completed.

Reassemble and detail your vehicle. After signing off on every repair step, we put your vehicle back together and perform basic detailing work, vacuuming and wiping down your interior and washing your windows.

Pick Up Your Vehicle. Once your vehicle repair is complete, we call you to arrange for pickup. Our service manager explains all the repairs we’ve made to your car and answers any questions you or your adjuster has about the process.

Denver’s Favorite Dent Repair Specialists

Denver residents are lucky enough to enjoy abundant natural beauty, but it can come at a cost when inclement weather results in hail damage to vehicles. In order to restore the condition of your car and maintain value, you’ll want to find reliable auto hail repair near me, and Superior Dent Solutions has the fast, effective, and affordable services you need to get your car back on the road in no time.

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