What Our Customers Are Saying

Lori R.

The guys at Superior Dent Solutions are all about service and professionalism.They came to my home to inspect my car and arrived exactly when they said they would. I received a relatively small check from my insurance company, and I wasn’t sure I could afford to get the work done. Stephen explained how he works with your insurance company to get your bill covered. His explanation made perfect sense to me, and it was the reason I finally decided to have them do the work. Stephen is very experienced as are the other employees. They are outstanding on personal attention. All I ended up paying was the original check the insurance company sent me, so I had no out of pocket expense. The car looks perfect. They even washed, vacuumed, and cleaned the inside of the car. It was done in only three days. I am completely satisfied.

Alia A.

Great customer service and excellent workmanship. Would highly recommend.

John C.

I’ve had hail damage for a couple months and I didn’t have the money to pay my deductible. AJ and Stephen came to my door and explained the process that their business and what they could do help me. They fixed my car and gave me a rental, all within 3 days. Trust these guys they are there to help.

Stephanie R.

Stephen was great to work with! Trustworthy, outstanding customer service, quality work! I would highly recommend this place!

Brian C.

Literally the best experience and do everything for you! AJ and Steven go above and beyond from what is expected. Not only did Steven ride with me to the train station on a Sunday, so he could take my car in. AJ picked me up before work one morning to get my rental. They then brought my car back to my house after work, looking brand new. Will never go anywhere else again and will recommend/refer everyone to Superior Dent Solutions. Thanks again AJ and Steven.